Driveway Cleaning Company in Phoenix, AZ

Patriot Power Washing and Sanitation is your local driveway cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Whether it is residential or commercial driveway cleaning, we will do it thoroughly and professionally the first time so it is no longer a worry.

Driveway Cleaning Service

We have been cleaning driveways in the Phoenix area for over 10 years. We are fully insured, so you can trust our service to ensure your driveway will be cleaned safely and thoroughly without hassles or issues.

Driveway Pressure Washing

Our driveway pressure washing services ensure that any tough oil or grease spots come out of the driveway so that it looks brand new again. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to thoroughly clean your driveway and do it promptly and safely.

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Power Washing Concrete Patio

Our power washing services also include power washing concrete patios. We have the capability and experience to thoroughly clean your concrete patio so that it looks as if it was never used before. We know how to apply the water pressure to ensure we get the dirt and grime off without doing any damage to the concrete.

Residential Power Washing Service

Our residential power washing service has provided many satisfied customers over the years. We know how to remove stains and “trouble spots” from houses and driveways, and we know how to do it without causing damage to your property. We know the right amount of water pressure to use, and we have the right tools to ensure your property is clean, yet undamaged in the power washing process.

Contact us to ask any follow-up questions about our services and to book an appointment. Patriot Power Washing and Sanitation look forward to serving you soon!